Monday, June 4, 2012

What Are We Teaching Our Children

My kids have always had a wide variety of hobbies. We try to support & encourage them to pursue whatever interests that they might have. My philosophy, you never know until you try it! And if, after trying something, they decide that they don't like it, no big deal - but they have to finish it.

We have tried soccer, karate, baseball, football, cheer leading, dirt bikes, guitar, scouts, church activities, & countless other things. We will add piano & gymnastics soon. It doesn't really matter what my kids are involved in (to an extint), I just want them to be passionate, have fun, & do their best!

My kids know (even though they don't always agree) that no matter what, God comes first. He is more important than some practice, an awards ceremony, a race, or a ballgame. We have had to make some of those tough decisions before, & I'm sure we will have to make them in the future.

We had to make one tonight. Austin's baseball team is starting their tournament this week. We've had a good season & the team still looks promising. BUT, the league has chosen to start the tournament on Wednesday night.

Even though it looks like we might have to forfeit the game because several of the boys will not be there. I'm sorry! I had to stand firm in my beliefs!

What would I be teaching my kids if I have told them all of their lives that God comes first, but then I let them skip church to play a ballgame? It would counter EVERYTHING that we stand for, EVERYTHING that we have taught.

What is wrong with our world today?

People used to respect church. People turned down their radios when passing the house of God. Even the town drunk showed up for Sunday morning service.

I understand that not everyone goes to church. That's their right. I respect that decision. I have an opinion, but my opinion isn't important. Since I respect their rights, WHY can't people respect my rights?! WHY can't people respect the fact that others will be forced to make this same decision?!

Sadly, not everyone will make the choice that they know in their heart is right. Sadly, not everyone will have the courage to stand up for their beliefs.

THAT is what is wrong with our world today! Too many Christians people have stood by & let the world have its say. If we would just stand up for what we know to be true & right, we would no longer be the underdog.

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