Monday, June 11, 2012

No More Milk

Well, this has been a bittersweet moment. Logan is officially weaned.

I'm not sure whether to jump up & down because I have control of my body again or to cry because he doesn't need me as much. I guess I will just cherish those memories & take pride in the fact that we actually made it to his 1st birthday (minus 2 weeks). It wasn't easy in the beginning.

It still amazes me the way God created a mother's body with the ability to solely nourish her baby (if she chooses to)!

I wasn't going to start this process with him just quite yet. Don't get me wrong, we were staring at the door, we just hadn't decided to walk through it yet.

Logan moved into Austin's bedroom on Thursday May 24. I put it off this long because he STILL wasn't sleeping through the night. He still woke up every single night to nurse. By this time, this was the only time he was nursing & after moving him, I would have to sit on the corner of Austin's bed to feed him.

Well on Monday May 28, Logan Reece Bauguess slept ALL NIGHT LONG! I could count on 1 hand how many full nights of sleep I had gotten before this. I really think it was 2! I didn't think this kid would EVER sleep through the night!

When I woke up on Tuesday, it scared me to realize that he hadn't woken up. But when I crept into their (yes, I must say "their" now) bedroom, both of my boys were snoozing away.

Of course I figured it was a fluke, because Logan had also been pretty sick. He had been to the Emergency Room with a double ear infection on Friday, had a fever of over 102 all weekend, & had been diagnosed with a case of Roseola that day. NO WAY was I even considering weaning him!

BUT, he had other plans.
He has slept through the night ever since & hasn't bothered to attempt to nurse. This was easier than I thought it would be. And he likes his milk just fine from a sippy cup. 

I have certainly enjoyed the journey! And I know he will ALWAYS need me!

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