Monday, July 16, 2012

Cloud 9

Yep, the Bauguess kids have reached cloud 9 & are swiftly approaching clouds 10, 11, & 12!

After months & months of wondering when & if it would happen, Makenzie finally lost her first tooth yesterday. She pulled it all by herself during church. Um, I guess if I asked her what the sermon was, she probably wouldn't remember. I'm pretty sure that God understands!

Last night, while we were saying her prayers, Makenzie prayed for the tooth fairy to have a safe trip. Then after she had only been in her room for 10-15 minutes, she came out to let me know that the tooth fairy had not come yet. I tried to explain to her that she had to go to sleep first. She tried to tell me that she had been asleep! Yeah, ok...

Then this morning, she woke me up at 6am to show me her dollar! Of course she also bounded into Austin's room a short time later to show him. He attempted to show excitement through half closed eyes. Austin asked her if she knew what she needed to do next .... her response - Yeah, I need to pull more teeth! BWAHAHAHA

She is still talking about the tooth fairy!

Today we drove down to Raleigh for the 4H Congress. Austin was competing in Poultry Judging. Anyone that knows Austin, knows that he loves his chickens! This has been such a good opportunity for him. He is learning every aspect to chickens from birth to death & beyond.

So after months & months of studying, meeting, & preparing, I am proud to say that Wilkes County came in 1st place in the Junior Division! Those boys were so excited! Ok, the parents & supporters were a little excited as well ;)

After the competition, we left Austin to spend the night in Raleigh. This is the first time he has ever been this far away from us! I'm sure he will be fine, but will I? They are growing up so fast!

Austin has already decided that he wants to go to college at NC State. Oh, I'm not sure if I can handle pulling for the Wolfpack or not. I bleed BLUE!

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