Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Part 2

So after all of the negativity, I thought we would end on a positive note. These are the things that make me happy. The things that bring a smile to my face just thinking about.

My Saviour - I would be NOTHING without Jesus! He is my rock & my shelter. I don't live for Him like I should, but His love amazes me!

A Good Book - I love to be able to lose myself completely while reading about someone else.

Fresh Cut Grass - There are few smells that compare to grass that has just been mowed in the summer.

The Beach - Everything about the beach. But mostly, the feeling of wet sand slipping away from your feet as you stand in the ocean's edge. The crystal clear smell of salt water. The peace that rides in on the wind that can only be experienced close to shore.

Peach Nehi - This is the best drank out of a cold bottle on a hot day.

Saving Money - I can't explain the excitement I get from getting something for next to nothing.

Canning from my Garden - Even when I get overwhelmed because all of the crops come in at one time, there is nothing like the satisfaction of preserving & then eating food that you helped grow.

That Ah-Ha Moment - You know the one. Watching your child struggle to grasp a concept only to eventually see recognition dawn on their face.

Seeing someone smile & knowing that you had a part in making them happy.

Snuggling with my babies.

Mexican Food

Fire - Becoming mesmerized by the way the flames dance & consume everything in its way. The smokey smell that clings to everything near by. I used to lay in front of the fireplace at my grandmother's for hours just watching the fire.

Music - I enjoy all types of music from various different time periods.

Ireland - I don't know what the pull is for me. But  for as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of anything Irish. Maybe, its the magic...

The smell of a freshly bathed baby.

A Perfectly Roasted Marshmallow - For me, that means burning the outside layer, peeling it off to eat it, & repeating until there is nothing left.

Spring - The birds singing. Chilly mornings & sun drenched days. The promise of new life.

Summer - The carefree spirit. Swimming. Cooking out. Gardens.

Autumn - The crisp air. The rich colors. Leaves crunching underfoot. Pumpkins.

Winter - The first snowfall. Hot chocolate. Family dinners.

My Kids .... more specifically...
Knowing that they love the Lord. Hearing them sing Gospel songs. Their desire to go to every Bible School around. The sound of their hysterical laughter from being tickled too much.

Austin - The smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose (I don't know if "smattering" is a real word, but I always think that about his freckles). The way he shows off, only to suddenly get shy when a pretty girl is around. His heart of gold. The way he will sometimes beg to read after he has gone to bed. His hard work & determination towards the things he thinks are worthwhile. Watching his imagination work as he builds countless things. Knowing that he watches out for Makenzie when no one else is around.

Makenzie - The way her eyes light up when she is excited. Her willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve. Her need to mentor anyone that needs a little extra help. Her fascination with clothes, jewelry, make-up, & shoes. Her genuine desire to make everyone happy. Her adoration for her younger brother. The fact that she always wants a hug even when you are mad.

Logan - The way his hair curls at the back of his neck when he gets hot. Knowing how excited he gets over food. Watching him dance everytime he hears music. Seeing his little arms reach up to you when he wants you. The silly trick he does where he spits his papi out just because he sees a sippy cup (he also does it when you open the fridge).

I love it when I'm standing somewhere & Justin walks up behind me to wrap his arms around me & kiss my neck.

I could go on & on. I learned many years ago that its not the big celebrations that you remember most in life. Its the everyday moments that carry their way into your heart & forever etch themselves into your memories. I am blessed beyond measure. I hope that you take a few minutes to savor those fleeting moments & try not to dwell on the unimportant things.

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