Monday, July 23, 2012

A Living Legend

It is with a heavy heart & mixed feelings that I share the announcement that my pastor Fellman Cheek has chosen to resign as undershepherd of our church. We only have a few more weeks to glean as much knowledge & insight as we can from him. He will be leaving at the end of August.

Fellman is no longer a young man & he has been plagued with many hardships & heartbreaks. His health no longer allows him to preach the way he used to. It has also become harder for him to oversee other duties that most pastors willingly handle. His heart is there, but his body cannot accommodate all of the demands any more.

We have all seen it coming & even I have said that he needs to slow down.

The only thing that truly concerns me is the fact that he has always said he wants to die behind the pulpit, and if he ever got to the point where he could no longer preach, he wished that God would take him home. Knowing this about him, it makes me question if he will give up the fight.
I have had the honor of calling him my pastor since I was 10 years old. Even when I wasn't sitting directly under his leadership, he was still my pastor. My children have had the privilege to grow up listening to this man of God. All 3 of them have been dedicated back to God by him.

He has lived a long, fulfilling life. He has loved & lost. He has a wife waiting for him in Heaven & he has a wife here that is as devoted to him as anyone could ask. Children, Grandchildren, & even Great Grandchildren have seen him at his best & surely at his worst. He has lead many people to the Lord & he has encouraged, influenced, & helped countless more. Surely when it is his time to cross Jordan, he will be welcomed with open arms & huge smile.

He has filled his position well. He has been a great example. And his legend will live on.

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