Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Give & Take, Up & Down

It has been a roller coaster ride around here lately. You know the kind.....climb, climb, slowly, steady, jerky, climb. Wait, what's over that hill, I can't see. Oh .... AHHHHH, down super fast, jerk to the left, jerk to the right. Up, up again. Oh, loop de loop. Hold on, I left my stomach back there! Round and round and round and round. Screech to a halt.

Have you ever been there?

Its been so wild that I am starting to get dizzy.

Good news - my Plexus Slim business is booming! I completely believe that God opened that door at just the right time. My first month's check will be to the tune of $$$$. Yes, that's 4 digits!

More good news - Justin has been praying for an opportunity to get inside the local high school in the hopes of being a witness. Out of the blue, someone called him & asked him if he wanted to be the athletic trainer for the football team there! We really struggled with this decision. Yes, it was the perfect opportunity to reach out to these students. It could provide a good lesson for Austin as he got to watch the older boys play football. It would provide $$$$. Yep, another 4 digits. BUT, it would be VERY time consuming. Justin would work his regular job from 6am - 2:30pm, then go straight to the high school until at least 6pm, then help coach Austin's team until 8pm. Plus attending every Varsity & JV game both home & away. The only time I would see him would be over a football field or right before falling into bed. After much thought & prayer, he accepted the position.

More good news - we had a little extra money come in from scrap metal.

I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to paying off some bills, getting caught up, & even getting ahead - something we haven't been able to do in quite a while.

WRONG AGAIN! God had other plans for that money.

Bad news - the gauges in my Suburban are going haywire again. We need to have it looked at, but.....

Even worse news - Justin's truck left him stranded on the way to work one day last week. It. Just. DIED. After messing with it a few days in our garage, they gave up & took it to a local body shop where it has been ever since. Oh, they finally figured it out. And it is going to cost WAY TOO MUCH!!! At least $2500.

Truthfully, God has already provided most of it, but its just depressing that we have to use it for that!

There are a few thoughts that have stuck out in my mind even through the uncertainty.

"The Lord giveth, He taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I've served Him before & I'll serve Him today. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

I have fallen in love with a song called "I Kept On Praying". It talks about Daniel continually praying, Satan reminding him that God hasn't heard him, & finally God showing up to tell Daniel that He heard him from the first day.

A friend reminded me that there will be plenty of time to catch up & get ahead. And if time runs out, we are off to bigger & better things! Then someone else can worry about my bills!

Even when we don't understand, God has it all under control! Its just hard to accept that sometimes.

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