Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How is THAT Justified?

I am VERY angry right now.

Our public school system STINKS!

PLEASE tell me how it is justified that just because a boy chooses to call a girl a whore & she fights back, she gets in trouble & he gets a slap on the wrist!

Oh wait, I know.....He's a BOY! And a FOOTBALL CAPTAIN! That's how!

Yes, I understand that violence is unacceptable at school, but do you HONESTLY expect someone to sit there & do NOTHING!

This is why our daughters believe they are worthless & our sons believe they are untouchable! This falls back on failure somewhere along the line by parents not teaching respect!

Yes, my niece is suspended for 2 days while this jerk gets to still be at school. But, I would tell her to do it 100 times over again just to keep someone from running over her!

God help our future generations!
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