Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have You seen a Little Green Man?

Heys, elves have been at my house!!!!!! Elves, really? Yeh, you know, those little guys in the green costumes. History is full of hard working elves ..... Santa's workshop, the shomaker's helpers, the Keebler tree house. I'm fairly certain, they have visited my house.

HOW did I decide that you might ask?

Well, after spending A L L  S T I N K I N G  M O R N I N G cleaning my kitchen, I have come to a realization ....... those helpful little elves that worked so hard for everyone else needed a place to relax. So, having the inviting, kid friendly environment that we call home, they naturally chose here.

Not only did they pick my humble abode to relax at, they also decided to throw a party here & invite EVERYONE they know! And I believe that they enjoyed themselves so much that they do it again & again every night.
How else could our trash can get full so fast after putting in an empty bag?
How else could so much dirt get on my floor?
How else could food leak out of its bowl inside the fridge?
How else could every single fork we own always be dirty?
How else could all the soft drinks & cookies get gone so fast?

Yep, elves! Now........who keeps stealing our socks?
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