Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

I used to think that women who stayed home with their kids had it made. I knew their was always messes to clean up & it might get a little lonely from time to time, but I never even imagined the stress, heartache, & tears that would come with it. So here today, I give you some simple truths of the insanity that I call my life.
  • Jealousy is a very real factor! I admit I'm jealous......
    1. I'm jealous of my husband's freeness. He can come & go as he wants to. He gets to do the fun stuff, while I have to cook, clean, do laundry, & take care of the baby. He gets to pursue things that interest him, while I'm had to drop almost everything that doesn't involve the kids. He gets to sleep late, while I have to get up early most mornings. 
    2. I'm jealous of friends that can get together whenever they want to. 
    3. I'm jealous of adults that actually get to eat a hot meal, sitting down, in peace.
    4. I'm jealous of people that work. They can "get away" for a little while. They can afford a nice car, a bigger house, & dance classes.
    5. I'm jealous of anyone who looks nice for longer than 10 mins. That's about how long I am able to keep anything from being spit up on.
    6. I'm jealous of anyone who doesn't have to "rob Peter to pay Paul!" I get so tired of living paycheck to paycheck, but it has been an interesting adventure to see how much money I can save!
  • Loneliness is suffered in silence.
    1. Occasional adult conversation would be nice.
    2. Adult conversation that doesn't always center around our kids would be even better.
  • Depression is easy to fall into.
    1. There are days that I can't explain why I'm mad/sad/hysterical.
    2. There are days that I really just want to lay in the bed & cry.
    3. There are days that I don't want to deal with anyone (especially if they are under 5 ft tall) unless they live in black & white print.
  • Expectations are unrealistic.
  • Alone time is unheard of. I have to lock the doors & read a book during a bubble bath in order to make an attempt at peace & quiet. Today Logan woke up early & fussed the whole time I was in the bath tub & my other wonderful children were too busy watching T.V. to go pick him up, so much for that peace!
If you can relate to this, I hope you found my confessions amusing & you realize that you are not alone. If you think I am acting spoiled & just want something to complain about, I invite you to come spend some time in my shoes!


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