Monday, December 12, 2011

Could the Magic REALLY be Gone?

I just LOVE Christmas, don't you! Everyone is a little nicer, everything is bright & shiny, Christmas Carols, Christmas cookies & candy, Christmas movies, families getting together, street corner Santas everywhere you look. There is just something magical about Christmas time.

And then......the magic fades away..... 

We've been waiting for, dreading, the time when the kids stopped believing in Santa. Austin hasn't actually admitted he doesn't believe anymore, but, he sure has hinted at it.

Justin was talking to him the other day & it sounded like he was scared not to believe anymore. Austin said that he didn't think his cousins believed anymore.

Then we were watching The Elf on the Shelf video & he leaned over & whispered to me "You know those elves aren't REAL, don't you?"....

Oh, I'm NOT ready for this!

At least I still have the other 2!

.......So I had to add a link after a friend sent this to me! Its such a beautiful way of explaining the truth! Truth About Santa
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