Monday, February 28, 2011


Life is about give & take, taking a step back on the lesser issues, & stepping up on those matters that are truly important. But, how far is too far?

I'm not talking about spiritual beliefs because, to me, that's one area that you cannot compromise on. If you do, the devil will have a field day. I'm talking about child rearing tactics.

I understand that every man & woman must come to an understanding about what they are going to take a stand for & what isn't worth struggling over. But how far do those boundaries exist? How many people do we let influence our parenting decisions? And just why, do others feel the need to but in when its not their kids?

I'm sorry, but God in trusted a man & a woman to make the correct choices for these precious gifts that we call children. He had enough confidence in them to provide these blessings. As long as their safety & well being isn't being endangered, then where is the need, as parents, to tiptoe around other people because they do not believe the same way we do?

Ssshhhheeewwwww...OK, I'm off my soap box now!
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