Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hey There Snow White....Today I am.....Sleepy

You know that fairy tale with all those short guys in it.....No, not the Chipmunks.....No, not the Smurfs either. I'm talking about those dwarfs. We all know them but can you name them?

Hmmmm..... Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, & Droopy. Oh wait, that's not right. Droopy was a dog, right? Dopey, yeah, that's it.

Did you know that these legendary men are not fictional? Me neither, I thought they just lived in the forest with Snow White. Apparently they are alive & kicking.....& our churches are full of them.

That's right, we had a guest preacher this morning preach on the dwarfs in the church.

  • Sleepy - this one is easy. How many times do we look around the church & see heads bobbling uncontrollably? Yep, I'm guilty too. Don't laugh, I bet you are too. But Sleepy Dwarf not only sleeps during church, he also sleeps on God. He can't stay awake or focused long enough to do God's will.
  • Bashful - Why can we hoop & hollar (yes I am from Wilkes County Thank You Very Much!) at a ball game or out with friends, but we clam up in church. Now I don't mean we should sit around & talk all the time, but when the Spirit moves you, DO something about it! Raise your hands, sing a song, say Amen, shed some tears - whatever you feel lead to do. Quit pretending to be so shy.
  • Doc - oh, that's the preacher right? Well possibly. Today preacher's feel the need for titles & initials after their names. What good are titles if you don't let God lead you. Oh & have you ever been told something based on "a professional opinion"? YEAH - well, in my opinion, there are TOO many opinions in this world. And it seems that they are all professionals.
  • Grumpy - um, enough said.
  • Happy - isn't it great to be happy in the Lord?! Well, not everyone is happy for the right reason. Some people aren't happy, unless someone else is miserable. "Why are they singing again?" "He's the preacher's favorite." "Why does the choir sing so many songs?"
  • Dopey - we are all pretty guilty of getting stupid in the world.
Hey wait - I forgot one. Sneezy - well...........other than that person having allergy issues, I can't think of anything.

So today, I would have to admit that I am Sleepy. Yes, I am physically sleepy, but I have laid down on God. Its time to wake up.

Which dwarf are you?
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