Thursday, November 10, 2011

Betty Homemaker - I am not!

I have made several references here lately to "Super Mom". We all know how incredibly crazy my life has been. Thankfully, it slows down somewhat during this time of year. Good thing too, or I might miss the Holidays. Anywho.....

I have some sort of deep seeded desire (as backward & unpopular as it might be) to be "the ideal (not perfect - well not completely anyway) wife, mother, & all around woman". I want to have a nice tidy house that always smells fresh. I want to have hot meals on the table at their respectable time. I want to have obedient children. I want to have an abundance of time left for just whatever. Do you see the pattern here? I want, I want, I want. Has our crazy world built up an attainable dream with outrageous demands? Or have we, as women, placed that much pressure on ourselves?

Whatever the answer is, I have come to the terms (at least for the time being) that somehow I cannot be everything every day. Some days, I get my house cleaned & supper fixed but I have neglected quality time with the kids. Some days, we have an awesome day with school, but the house is a wreck. Some days, I get lost making hairbows & have completely forgotten to fix supper. Some days, more often than not, I push the laundry off of my bed & choose to go to sleep.

Yesterday really opened my eyes........ As I was going through a cabinet to make room for baby food - yes Logan is already big enough to be eating baby food! Where has the time gone? - I started checking some jars of pickles that I had canned a few years back. I had to dump out a few about a month ago because they had unsealed {On that note....Have you ever checked a lid & had you finger go THROUGH it? - Yep, I did}. So I'm checking them just to make sure. Lo & behold there's a seal that has unpopped, and another, and another. UGH! I through out about 5 or 6 jars of canned goods.

In my defense, these were some of the first things I canned, so I was still learning.

Then, I go out to the building for a box & think to check the freezer. I had sent the kids out the night before to put a few groceries in there & wanted to make sure the food actually made it to the freezer & the lid was shut, etc. I open the lid & hear "drip drip drip". What is that? Why isn't there any ice around the top? Why does it not feel super cold? Ah yes, I know, because I UNPLUGGED it!

Why would I do something so stupid? Well, it seems that the other day I vaguely remember removing the battery charger from my car (lovely children left the doors open all afternoon while we carved pumpkins), unplugging it, & placing it in the building. What didn't dawn on me was the fact that the battery charger was plugged into an extension cord along with the freezer. UGH!

So we emptied the freezer & had to throw out several things & ALL of the milk that I had pumped for Logan! UGH! UGH! UGH! Do you know how much time & energy that was?

But.....I had a clean kitchen, finished hairbow orders, had supper ready on time, & made it to church. The laundry will eventually get folded.
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