Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PINK is NOT my favorite color!

I really didn't like pink until a few years ago. I guess it was too much effort from my mom to turn me into a real live baby doll or some other deep seeded insanity like that. So after lots of therapy (BWAHAHAHA), I have come to terms with my distrust of pink. Afterall, its a nice enough color & it hasn't ever meant me any real harm ..... or has it? **ba ba bum**

So after all these years & my final acceptance of it, how does it repay me ..... it sits on my fridge taunting me ..... ok, not me exactly. Afterall Justin is the one with the lead foot, but it is still taunting my bank account!

Convo went a little like this - *Caution, this is a reenactment, any resemblance to real life persons or events is completely INTENTIONAL*

me: How was your class tonight?

Justin: It was fine until I was coming through Roaring River.

me: thinking *OH NO, NOT AGAIN* What happened?

Justin: Well, I bout hit several deer & then got pulled over.

me: Um, ok, HOW many times have I tried to warn you about your speeding?

Justin: Don't fuss at me. You don't exactly drive the speed limit. I just got caught.

me: Yep, you got caught alright! & How many tickets have you had?

Justin: Just 4.

etc etc etc etc

You get the picture.

YEAH! There was an expense I REALLY wasn't expecting. **SIGH**
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