Monday, November 14, 2011

Who's Your Favorite?

As parents, we try to treat our children equally right? We try to spend equal amounts of time, money, & even discipline. Sometimes that gets a little hard & one child will start to complain that they feel left out or that you love the other one more & that child is your favorite. No matter how much you tell them its not true, the only way for them to really believe you is through your actions.

What about kids? Do they have favorites? Of course they love their parents the same, but from time to time, one of them is the favorite.

I've been on a "oh woe is me" kick lately. I really don't think Austin & Makenzie like me as much as they like their daddy. Makes sense. I am with them ALL day long. I do most of the fussing, correcting, punishing, etc. I teach & reteach lesson after lesson. I have to tell them "Be patient, I'm helping ____". I remind them to clean up their messes. I ask them to help in the house. Then daddy comes home...... YEAH! Its play time. He gets to watch T.V. with them while I grade papers & clean up school. He wrestles with them while I feed Logan. He pushes them on the swing while I cook supper. He reads them a book while I put Logan to bed.

Yes, I can understand why he is their favorite right now, but it still hurts. Oh, I know they love me, but it doesn't change how I feel.

Then God said "HELLO, sound familiar..." Huh, what do you mean Lord?

How many other things do I put before God? How many times have I chosen something else instead of what He wanted me to do? How often does He feel unloved by me? Oh, I SAY that I love Him, but does that help after I have hurt His feelings?

Thank you Lord, yet again, for using my kids to teach me!
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