Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a C

We sing a song at church with the kids

I am a C
I am a C H
I am a C H R I S T I A N
And I have C H R I S T in my H E A R T and I will L I V E  E T E R N A L L Y

Its a simple song & the kids like it, but if you take a few minutes to think about it. I mean REALLY think about it. It pretty much says it all.

We had Austin's football awards program tonight. The guys love getting together for food & lots of goofing around. I enjoy seeing them just getting to be kids. The boys always get so excited about their trophies & secretly, I get excited too. Not because of the reward, but because the coach always tells what stands out to him about the kids. I enjoy hearing about inside stories & personality quirks that sometimes only come out on the football field. Its a good time to recognize how special each boy is. Sometimes, its easy to pick out who is being described.....

When Coach Brian started talking about Austin, he did acknowledge his football skills. But more importantly, he told how proud he was that Austin would lead the team in prayer, how Austin was never afraid to let everyone know he was a christian. Those few words made my heart sing. I couldn't have been prouder if he had said that Austin was the best player he had ever seen.

Even though, Austin doesn't always make the wisest decisions, Christ still shows through in his life. Can people say the same thing about me?

All in all, God blessed me with a pretty awesome kid!

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