Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Miracle Drug or Devil's Elixir

Yes, I am talking about Albuterol!

My poor little Logan has been sick for over a week now. We thought it was just croup/congestion junk so we didn't make an appointment with the doctor until Thursday, who also diagnosed croup/congestion. No cure, just cool moist air, a snot sucker, & a prescription for prednisone "just in case".

Slowly, little by little, day by day Logan has gotten worse. The worst day - Saturday -  the day we went snow tubing....wouldn't you know it! He was VERY fussy & took fitful cat naps all day in my arms. Unfortunately, he also took fitful cat naps all night too. Ugh! I really do like my sleep.

So we filled the prescription Sunday & Logan decided he didn't want any part of it, so he spit it out & fussed some more.

Back to the doctor on Monday & RSV was confirmed. Welcome to the world of breathing treatments! Fun fun!

In case you have never dealt with this before, let me give you a brief overview.

 Albuterol ~ liquid medicine that is converted into smoke through a loud roaring machine. It is known to make one's heart speed up & hands shake uncontrollably. Most people tend to bounce around like a rubber ball when under its influence. It will also cause overly tired babies to cry louder, rub their eyes harder, & beat up their mothers. Other known side effects include short tempers, sour attitudes, lack of sleep, raised voices, & a general unpleasant environment. If your doctor ever prescribes this drug to you, don't forget,
you have been warned!
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