Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Back to School Part 1 ~ A Party, The Cow, Hairbows, & Kindergarten

WOW! According to that title, we've been BUS-Y. And, yes we have, we always are! But, with all of my planning, things didn't go exactly the way I thought they would...... imagine that!

Makenzie's FIRST day of Kindergarten

We really made a big fuss Sunday night & again Monday morning about it being Makenzie's very first day of school. She was excited, we were excited, then it hit me..... I hadn't "planned" for the 1st day of kindergarten! You can't just jump right into working on the very first day of kindergarten!!! So I quickly adjusted & we played with new school supplies, read fun books, & talked about our upcoming year.  Then we got back on schedule.

The Cow
(you REALLY DON'T want a picture of this one)

During our lunch break on Monday, we found out that one of our cows would soon have her calf. Austin just lives for anything farm related & he has obsessed over this cow for over a month now, anxiously waiting & watching for this calf. So, being the wonderful, ingenious parent/teacher I am, I let both of them take off with the hopes of a life lesson being learned. Well, with life being what it is, she never did have that calf on Monday......

The Party

Our homeschool group had a Back to School Party Monday night. We ate, we socialized (yep, got that issue taken care of for the whole year- lol), we ate, we played in the water, & we ate. I think that they all had a great time!


This is just the 3rd -8th graders.
 I have been making hairbows for the East Wilkes Sertoma Cheerleading squad. This has been a HUGE undertaking
(60-some all together), especially with everything else going on plus a new baby. It has taken a little longer than I expected. So considering that the 1st game is Saturday & I wasn't done, we took Tuesday off. Yes, you heard me, the second day of school & already taking a break! Don't you wish that I had been your teacher in school?! hahaha
We ended up taking Wednesday off too! I told you, these hairbows were taking longer than I thought!

Back to The Cow

... So, we waited on nature to take its course ALL day Tuesday as well. The vet was called, the cow was prepped for a c-section & a hysterectomy because she was so young. We wait & we wait...sounds just like a human birth! Late into the evening my father in law called & told Justin to get over there because (& I quote) "this is something that God has never seen before! Well, needless to say, this had us all curious. My first thought, honestly, was "what did a horse breed with her"? Yeah, I know, but it was so funny & I was in the moment! .... wait, wait, wait, wait (because I was at the house & Justin was at the farm) ... Long story short-ish = the calf was severely deformed. The vet said it was a 1 in a billion case & wished he had a jar big enough to preserve it. The momma cow ended up dying overnight & a life lesson was taught. It just wasn't exactly the one I thought it would be. That's what I get for trying to plan again!

Now, hopefully we can get back on schedule.

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