Friday, August 12, 2011

Why Does This Drink Taste Funny?

The kids got a little confused when
Justin asked them to load the
dishwasher because he was going
to mop. They  tried to wash the
dishes in the mop water.

I'm not sure about your family, but here at the Bauguess Manor, I am not the maid. Wait, let me repeat myself so that my husband & kids heard me..... I AM NOT THE MAID!!!

Hold up, who am I kidding? Unfortunately I get stuck um, blessed with the majority of the household duties. I'm sure its like that in most homes. That's ok, I really (choke) don't (choke) mind (choke). At least, most of the time, I don't mind. What I do mind is when everyone starts leaving their "stuff" laying around until I get aggravated enough to pick it up. Like I said, I'm not the maid.

Austin mowing for the first time.
His feet don't even reach
all the way down.
I do insist that my kids (husband too - hehe) help with the chores & when I really mean it, they really pitch in. Amazing.....maybe I should use my "are you mad" voice more often! It seems to scare inspire them to do things.

 So anyway, we do believe in child labor around here & it doesn't matter what our government says, there's no "law" against it! The big down side to all of this help is simply the fact that if someone else does the job, it might not be just exactly the way that I like it. Sorry, its that overly obsessive, controlling nature in me! The up side is that my kids are learning to be responsible, self reliant, & part of a team.....I HOPE!

Makenzie canning pickles.

Logan surpervising!
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