Friday, August 5, 2011

Use Me!

***** This really should have been written last week, so let's pretend it was! ;) *****

We have had a couple of rough weeks here on the Bauguess Hill. Just different things have seemed to be going "wrong" left & right. Through it all, I haven't understood much. but my prayer has been "God, just use us for your Glory."

Don't ask God for to use you if you are not ready.....

I was asked to sing at church the Sunday morning that Logan was dedicated. I hadn't sung in a while & I hadn't been practicing, so I was no where near ready. Plus, I was hurt angry that my mom chose not to come to the dedication &, like I said, it hadn't been the greatest around here the past few days, so I said that I couldn't do it.  I immediately felt bad & remembered my request for God to use me, so I knew I had to sing. I cried through most of the song, but that's ok. Thank you God for using me.

Then, we found out Justin was preaching Youth Sunday. Thank you God for using him.

We have had a burden for the youth for some time - I guess that's why we are the Youth Directors, huh. One family in particular I haven't been able to get off my mind, but didn't really understand why. When we decided to take it upon ourselves to start picking up these children for church, it sunk in. Even though this meant that Justin & I needed to drive separately every time to church, & he got to drive my (precious & extremely convenient) Suburban in order to fit 5 extra kids, & who knows how much gas this was using (driving from Elkin to Rock Creek), we believed this to be God's will.

The earthly costs of bringing those children to church will never compare to the Heavenly rewards!

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