Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well mannered ... or just a good actor?

A lady stopped me today as we were getting ready to leave the movie theatre. She wanted to tell me just how well mannered she thought Austin was. He was helping me get the stroller back into the car & then he was waiting patiently while this lady (who was parked beside us) got into her car. I just smiled & told her Thank You! On the inside, my heart was singing!

Every mother (& parent for that matter) loves when someone has something positive to say about their children. It makes us feel like we have done something right. Well, I'm no different. I felt proud of how my son was behaving. ............... Hold that thought!


My kids are no different than any others. They are not perfect by any means! They get silly, lazy, & sassy. They love each other just as much as they fight with each other. Even on our worst days (& TRUST ME, we have plenty), I consider myself lucky because I've seen the way some other kids act ...... (If you are reading this, I'm NOT talking about your kids! - hahaha)!

Do you STILL think they are well behaved?
I mean seriously! He's hog tying his sister!!!

Now, back to that being proud thing. You know what they say, "Pride comes before the fall."

The remainder of our day was not worth diddly! For some reason, EVERYTIME my kids (especially Austin) get a compliment, it becomes some kind of contest or determination that they prove it wrong! WHY????

I thought most kids liked getting bragged on, but it has awful effects on mine. So please, for my sanity, try to limit your compliments....... at least in front of my children ;)
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