Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Ready or Not

Can someone PLEASE tell me just what happened to summer?!?! It has passed us by in a HOT blur! Somehow, summer seemed a lot shorter this year than it did last year. Last year, we went swimming at least 2-3 times every week, we enjoyed the free movies in Jonesville, we participated in 3 library programs, we cooked out, we had friends over, & we went camping. This year, we still went to 2 different library programs & loved the free movies. My kids also enjoyed 3 different Bible Schools and they spent some time at the pool but for some crazy reason, I don't have a tan! Oh yeah, I remember, we added Logan! He pretty much monopolized ALL of my time. I literally went to the pool 5 times all summer long & 2 of those were at night! Not to mention, it was too hot to do much of anything outside most of the summer.

Well, anyway, as summer draws to a close, my thoughts turn to cooler nights, crisp air, colorful leaves, football, & school ......

Wait, did I just say school? Holy cow! Really? Already?

I have been planning & praying & worrying & buying curriculum & worrying & planning & praying & obsessing & researching & praying & worrying & planning & organizing & ... did I mention planning? What about worrying? Well, I've been praying too! (this is where my OCD / "CDO" comes in at)

We had a good year last year, so what did I do? I decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING! bwaahahaha Yep, I couldn't leave well enough alone. Not only did I change curriculums, but I am adding a Kindergartner & a baby! Gluten for punishment, I guess.

I really am excited about the upcoming year though & the kids seem to be too!

So, in a mad last minute frenzy nicely organized manner, my husband graciously helped me redo our bookcases. YEAH!!! We are really cramped for room, so we have to make do with the kitchen table. (oh, what I wouldn't give for a brightly lit, spacious room with.......oh sorry, I was dreaming again)

Ready or not - Monday here we come!

Our "current" bookcase.
This holds most everything that
we should need for this year.
We are also trying out
Hopefully this will help with
the simplicity & organization!


My Calendar.
As you can see, its still in the bag ~
Hopefully we can start soon!

I LOVE Brian Quest!
Thankfully, the kids do too!

File Folder Games


History & Science

Reference & Literature


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