Thursday, August 18, 2011

Midlife Crisis - I think so!

We all have wants & dreams. Sometimes we hold onto the same dream for as long as we can remember. From time to time, these dreams change as we grow & mature. Often times, we get some crazy hair-brained idea that sounds really good at the time, but in actuality, its anything but. That is the kind of dream I'm talking about tonight.

My lovely husband turns 30 next week ...... GASP!!!

Like many other people who reach an important milestone, he is um, evaluating, yeah that's the word.

He has had MANY (I cannot emphasize that enough) crazy hair-brained ideas interesting dreams. Some have actually turned out for the best, but a lot of them haven't. His latest obsession is a motorcycle. Yes, that's right, a two wheeled death machine!

When I was younger, I LOVED to climb on the back of a motorcycle with the wind in my hair & not a care in the world. Hey, guess what? I'm not young anymore & I have a lot of cares now. Life isn't just about me or him now, its about those beautiful children sleeping in their beds!

I tried reasoning - no luck. I tried begging - nada. I would demand if I thought it would work, but that's not my style. I have never told him what to do & I'm not going to start now.

So, to my dismay, there is a shiny new toy in our driveway just screaming to be ridden.

I better not see this again when she turns 16!
Pardon me while I go increase our life insurance.........
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