Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festival of Lights

Two years ago, my little family took off to Pilot Mountain to check out a Christmas light display. I can't remember how we found out about it, but it was well worth the trip. You actually get to walk through these lights.

Its been a few years (I'm not even sure if Makenzie was born yet) since we have been to Tanglewood. There's just sooo much hype & sooo much traffic that it doesn't top our list of fun festive things to do. Well, we decided to go this year.

Let me just say that well into the first hour of waiting with an overly tired toddler who was having a fit to get out of his car seat, two kids who thought it would be fun to repeatedly climb & flip over the back seat of my Suburban, alternately whine that they had to PEE, & occasionally freak out at the police officers directing traffic because they were no longer buckled, (no worries - we were off the main road & in stand still traffic) & a husband who choose really cheesy Christmas songs to play, I was wondering what had possessed me to even suggest this adventure.

That all gave way to sheer bliss at watching all three of my babies cram into the front seat onto Daddy's & Papa's laps so they could see better.

Sometimes we forget too easily what it is like to see the amazement of our world through innocent eyes!
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