Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Different New Year's Party

Last night, I had the privilege to ring in another new year with the ones I love.

We didn't travel all the way to New York (although I really want to do that one year). We didn't spend most of the night forgetting & most of the morning regretting due to large alcohol contents. We didn't sit on the couch trying our best to stay awake long enough to see the shiny ball drop.

This year, like the past few years, my family has been in church! We spent the night filled with preaching, praying, praising, singing, fellowship, & food.

We started our service with more than 75 people worshipping the Lord around 8pm & finished out in the altar with 40 dedicated souls after 1:30am.

I am still a little tired, but I am so blessed!

psst.....guess what? Fellman was one of our preachers!!
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