Thursday, January 10, 2013

That Moment When ....

..... You wonder just how you're kids have survived this long & if they will ever make it to adulthood.

Thankfully I have never been a panicky parent. When my kids fall down, I usually respond with "you're okay." When they take off in the woods, I just tell them to be careful. When the oldest hits his younger sister, she's usually told to hit him back.

So far we haven't had too many trips to the ER because of crazy accidents. But they are getting a little more frequent.

I have joked before that Logan would be lucky to make it out of our house alive. His older brother & especially his sister are a little rough on him

I had one of those moments yesterday.

I actually *gasped* & went running!

I was cooking supper & heard Logan digging around in the spoon drawer like he usually does. I heard a strange "clanking" sound, but didn't worry about it. A few minutes later, I walked to the fridge to get something & that is when I noticed what Logan was doing.

He hadn't got anything out of the middle drawer. He had stood on tippy toes to reach into the top drawer. He had a knife - not just any knife. He had the BIG BUTCHER KNIFE & was tapping the floor with it.


This child is the cause of ALL of my grey hair!
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