Sunday, January 20, 2013

I would if I could

I know a lot of people who would do just about anything for anyone.

How many times have we wanted to make someone see things our way?

How many times have we wanted to save someone from learning things the hard way?

I feel certain that many Christians would give anything if they could pray someone else's hurt away. They would give anything if they fix other people's problems. They would give anything if they could pray someone into Heaven.

Paul went as far in Romans 9:3 to say "For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsman according to the flesh".

Simply put, here was a man who considered himself the chief of all sinners and he knew how fortunate he was to experience God's grace, but he was willing to give it all up if only his family and his friends would accept Jesus.

I have always thought that Paul was a little extreme when I heard this verse. I mean, could I give up my salvation just so someone else, who wasn't a believer by choice could go to Heaven? I don't think I could.

Then we were having a conversation with our oldest about his behavior. He has been having so many attitude and behavior issues lately, we don't know which one to focus on first.

Austin claimed salvation when he was 5 years old. I know that is very young, but I also know that God is able. We have held onto the promise that if he wasn't saved, that God would show him in time & save him.

Only Austin & God know the truth & I am not, for a minute, going to place doubt in that youngin's heart, but it's time for some soul searching. It's time for him to reconnect and allow God to work in his life. It's time for him to stop trying to embrace the world so much.

As we were having this conversation, it dawned on me that if I could trade my salvation in order to make sure that my children were saved and went to Heaven, I would.

The thought of my babies dying and going to Hell, rocked me to my core. I can't imagine having to stand by and watch as loved ones and friends are bound hand & foot & cast into the lake of fire. I can't imagine the pain, the tears, the agony, the despair, the accusations, the pleading, the horror that will take place at the White Throne Judgement.

Only God can save our loved ones. Only our loved ones can choose to accept God's grace.

We say we would do anything for them to get saved before its too late. We say we would give anything if only they would turn from their wicked ways.

We can do something to help them. We can PRAY! We can live our lives as an example for others. We can beg God for His mercy. We can never give up!

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