Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Store Goodies

Given my love of books, the bookfair was naturally one of my favorite parts of the NCHE conference. I could have spent HOURS in there just walking around & looking - oh wait, I DID!

I loved being able to put my hands on all of the different curriculums that my friends keep talking about & several that I have never heard of. I enjoyed finding historical fiction books that would make great additions to our library. I was encouraged to look through my kids eyes at all the "fun" stuff to enhance natural curiosity. I allowed myself the time to get lost without worrying too much about anything else.

So naturally I walked away with some really good resources & I can't wait to start devouring them!

God Cast

bare books & lined stencils from Miller Pads & Paper

math manipulatives from Rainbow Resource Center

Tea with Michelle Duggar from Vision Forum

lots of historical fiction, easy readers, & just for fun books

After we left the book fair, a trip to Ollie's was necessary. I was able to pick up lots of fun & educational materials there.

I still have more to buy before next year though.

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