Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wait - HOW Old Are You?!

Here we go again.

Austin & these silly girls. He has always had a girlfriend. He actually has one now (I think), but its on the download to avoid teasing by mutual friends. I don't really have a problem with it.

Girls have always been drawn to him. Well, I would be too. He's awful cute (if I say so myself), he has those adorable dimples & just a hint of freckles (which I just LOVE), he has an outgoing personality, & he's athletic. Oh & he has that daredevil, James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause attitude that I fell for every time as a girl ...........


For some crazy reason he seems to like older girls. I guess he's taking after Justin there ;) 

Some little girl (who's at least 2-3 years older than him) asked him out. Not sure if he didn't like her, thought she was too old, or knew I'd of have a fit, but thankfully he said no.

Well, something didn't sit right with her because next thing you know she's talking about being scared of a storm, wishing "her baby Austin" was there, posting his pic & declaring her love for him.

That's where Momma Bear had to step in.....

Needless to say that post was deleted very quickly.

Holy Cow! He's only 10! And the girls are already CRAZY! Not just about him, but C R A Z Y!
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