Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Cheated

Yes, that's right! You are looking at (lol) someone who has never liked to play by the rules!

My dear pastor's wife requested that no one come visit him so he could rest before the surgery & a couple of weeks after the surgery. I understand her concern for his well being, but Justin & I both felt that we NEEDED to go. Plus when Justin talked to Fellman last night, he told us to come see him, so how could we resist!

We TRIED to make it short, really we did, but anyone who has ever visited with Fellman Cheek knows that you could talk to that man FOREVER & not even realize how much time had passed.

I'm glad we went. I took the time to tell Fellman just how much I love & appreciate him & what he has been in my life, the influence he has had on me, & the joy I get just knowing my kids get to sit under him. All of this was said, barely audible & through tears, of course. If you know Fellman, you know his response ..... picture it with me ..... "To God be the Glory!".

I feel at peace now. I have faith that God's hand will be on the surgeons & will guide them. I believe that no matter what His will is being carried out even as I write.

It was a sweet time of fellowship & I will always treasure the time I got to spend with him.

PLEASE keep praying for him. They are starting the surgery around 8am in the morning.
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