Saturday, May 26, 2012

Surviving The Homeschool Conference Bookfair


People warned me, but I was not even close to being prepared!

There were so many different booths & so many different curriculums & so many different giveaways & so many people!

1. Invest in a cart. Bring a rolling luggage bag. Or tote a bookbag. Something - anything to carry all your goodies around.

2. Know your rock bottom prices. Do your homework parents. Search around & see just how cheap you can get books. Some things are cheaper at the conference, but some things (even if they are running a "special") are not.

3. Give yourself time - LOTS of time! Don't expect to be able to run in for 30 minutes & get much accomplished.

4. Pick up catalogs. There are way more curriculum options out there than what you have heard of.

5. Ask questions. How else do we learn anything?

6. Put your hands on the curriculum. Compare one math against another.

7. Wear comfy shoes.

8. Leave your "road rage" at home. This place is crowded & people bump into each other. Be patient & polite.

Above all - have fun & learn something new! Be open minded to new options.


Katie said...

This was my first year at the conference. I'm a preschool parent just beginning the homeschool stuff. I was so overwhelmed I almost broke down in tears!

Tracie W. Bauguess said...

Oh bless your heart Katie! It was very overwhelming! I am finishing up my 2nd year homeschooling. I have a rising 5th grader, a rising 1st grader, & the baby is getting ready to turn 1! This was the first conference I have been too. I will certainly be praying for you!

Diane Allen said...

Katie, it will get better. My first conference was 20 years ago and the book fair was about half the size on this one. My friend and I went to choose our curriculum for the first year in almost total ignorance. By the time two days had passed we were going from vendor to vendor saying "so does yours come all together, in a box, with scripted directions of daily work?"

It will get better. Take it easy your first year and make preschool fun!
Diane Allen

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