Saturday, August 25, 2012

Do You Kiss Your Momma with That Mouth

As kids growing up, most of us have went through a phase where we thought we were cooler, tougher, better, smarter, & stronger than other people. Believing that we were so smart & so cool made us do things that we knew better than to do. We longed for respect & acceptance from others that made us act in ways that were not truly reflective of the people we were on the inside.

We have all said things that we shouldn't say. We have all acted in ways that we would later regret. We usually try to apologize for our wrong doings. Sometimes, its enough, but unfortunately, sometimes, the scars run too deep for a mere apology to repair them.

Society today has brought cussing, sex, & drinking into the main stream so much that we are barely affected by it anymore. Pre-teens are having sex, teens are drinking, people use cuss words without any thought, everyone thinks they are entitled to anything they want, no one takes responsibility for their actions.

I witnessed an exchange between a parent & child today that was very disturbing. A question was asked, a response was given. Cuss words were said. And a staring match lasted until tears welled up. The really sad part was that the child was the innocent party in this. The anger & hostility was evident to me from over 10 feet away. The smell of beer was too.

I also happen to know that this is no where near a first time offense. I couldn't help but wonder just what this child went through at home. Knowing that the parent had so little concern for the child & its well being.

But its not just this child's well being in jeopardy, its also the parent's, mine, my children, & anyone else who just happens to be close enough to this person to witness this abuse. Its also an extremely dangerous game they are playing by getting behind the wheel. Its only a matter of time before something horrible & irreversible happens.

I just pray that this child learns from the example set before them & chooses a different path. But, more than likely, history will only repeat itself.

Once words or actions are said or done, we can't take them back. Please think about how your actions affect everyone around you.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you got the tag number and called the police! :( How sad for that sweet child! :(

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