Monday, September 3, 2012

Revive Your Marriage - Are You Up To The Challenge

I guess I should have started here, but yet again, I got a little ahead of myself. Oh well....

When I happened across this link, I decided I would take a few minutes to participate in the Revive Your Marriage blogger series during the month of September. After I read more about it & read a few of the posts that were being written from the heart, I knew I needed to ACTIVELY participate in this challenge.

This can not just be looked upon as another blogger opportunity. This is an open request from God. I haven't been able to get the thoughts concerning it out of my head.

I had already been dwelling on my marriage lately & how I might could improve our relationship even before I came across this challenge. Now, I'm not saying there is anything "wrong" with my marriage, but sometimes we all get in a rut & get caught up just living day to day without taking much thought about what or why we do things.

We, as mothers, put so much effort into our kids, that too often we lose sight of our husbands. If it were not for our husbands (usually), we wouldn't have our kids. After all, God created Adam & Eve first. Then sometime later came Cain & Able. Dwell on that thought for a few minutes. If God had wanted us to put ALL of our energy into our children, don't you think He would have created them first or at least at the same time. 

I know so many couples that rarely ever take dates anymore without their kids. When they do, they find that they don't have anything to talk about. That amazes me. What did you talk about when you were dating? How good he looked? How much you loved him? Hey, guess what, tell him. He still wants to hear it. What are you going to talk about when the kids are grown & have lives of their own?

You claim that you & your husband don't share the same interests anymore. Did you really share the same interests back then? No, but we made an effort to do things just to please each other. He's loves football, but you can't stand it. Take a few minutes to curl up on the couch beside him. Its ok, you don't have to like it, but show some effort that you want to be with him.

I also know several "couples" (& I use the term loosely) that choose to stay together out of comfort & simplicity instead of love. My heart breaks for them. Living a life of habit is no way to really live. When one person wants to make it work, but the other is determined to do whatever they please, only misery can follow.

Remember who the man was that used to make your heart flutter? He's still there. Hey guess what, the woman that used to drive him wild is still there too. Somehow, they have gotten lost under too many take out dinners, nights of falling asleep in the recliner, & taking turns shuttling the kids between activities. You just need to find those people again. Years of comfort & routine tend to make us forget why we started this journey in the first place.

Is this still the man you want to grow old together with? Or are you secretly longing for a way out? Are you satisfied with your everyday life? If not, check in with me periodically throughout the month as we try to encourage each other to improve life as we know it.

Every Monday, we will be addressing a different topic, so share your thoughts, your progress, & your growth.

September 3rd – Revive Your Prayers
September 9th – Revive Your Attitude
September 16th – Revive Your  Friendship
September 23rd - Revive Your Praise
September 30th - Revive Your Sex Life

I challenge you this month to step out of your comfort zone. Step away from your routine. Open yourself up to something bigger & better than what you are now. Take a deep breathe, think about where you are & where you would like to be.

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