Friday, September 28, 2012

The Marriage Project - Major Project 1 Half & Half

Date night!! Those 2 words are music to so many ears. When we were just dating, the concept of "date night" varied by several degrees. But more often that not, food & driving were included.

Somewhere along the line, "date night" becomes less & less important until it is finally nonexistent. Just because we have been married for umpteen years or just because we have a house full of children does not give us the excuse to no longer date our mate.

This week's Major Project consisted of each spouse planning half of the date. Hold on now, you don't get off with a simple dinner & a movie. You need to plan your half with your spouse in mind. Plan something that they will enjoy. Go above & beyond. Plan something that will take them by surprise & knock their socks off.

My half of the date was well researched & heartfully planned out. The only hitch was my lack of timeliness & the clerk's omission of an earlier closing time. I had every intention of spending an hour at a local indoor shooting range.

Now, this is right up Justin's alley, but me.... Hah, I have NEVER even shot a gun. I have expressed interest before, but not much. I usually have a problem with picking up a gun because it leaves my fingerprints on it. Yep, I'm a fan of conspiracy theories.

So anyway, Justin was excited! .......until we found out they were closing the range in 15 minutes! UGH, really, you could have included that detail when I called. Oh well, I get an A for effort right?

Justin took me WAY out in the boonies. Up & up & round & round. I was listening for banjo music. LOL

We ended up at a local log cabin gated resort. It was beautiful! We have always liked driving through beautiful neighborhoods, seeing how all the "poor" people live.
So our date consisted of guns, deer, turkey, the mountains, a slow chilly rain, & a beautiful rainbow. All in all, I think it was a wonderful night.


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