Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Marriage Project - Week 1 Projects

Make sure you read the background info on The Marriage Project

The Marriage Project

*Remember that these projects can be done in any order & can be altered to best meet your needs.*

Week 1 Projects:
·         In Less Time Than a Bad Sitcom ~ Focus on giving each other 30 minutes of guilt free time today. This is an act of service to your spouse. Make sure you find out ahead of time what your spouse needs. Don’t assume that what you need is the same as what they need. 
“The surest way to bring peace to everyone in the household is to give just a little by putting the other person’s needs in front of our own.”
·       It’s All About Her ~ Make her a Hallmark holiday. Husbands pick out a card that declares your love for your wife.
“Husbands, your encouragement can go a long way in giving us confidence to say no to an unobtainable notion of what a wife should be and to say yes to what God has called us to be.”
·         Getting to Know You ~ Fill out the survey. Even if we should know the answers to all of these questions, this will just make it easier on the other. Save it somewhere important.
  1. Date of Birth
  2. Date of Anniversary
  3. Other Important Dates & Why
  4. Favorite Foods
  5. Favorite Restaurants
  6. Favorite Dinner
  7. Favorite Flowers
  8. Favorite Perfume/Cologne
  9. Favorite Music Artists
  10. Favorite Authors, Books, or Magazines
  11. Favorite Clothing Store
  12. Your Clothing & Shoe Sizes
  13. Favorite Starbucks Order (or Other Indulgence)
  14. Suggestions for a Special Treat He or She Could Buy

    ·         Sweet Treat just for Him ~ Wives this is your opportunity to serve your husband. Make sure it’s his favorite treat, not yours. 
    “True joy comes from learning to be a servant and serving our spouses, families, and others.”
    ·         Turn Up the Heat & Cook Together ~ Plan the menu & either cook in turns or together. 
    “Relationships are built on trust. Trust is built on experience. Experience is best built by teamwork.”
    ·         Burning Passion & Burning Calories ~ Turn off the TV & get active together. Any physical activity counts as long as you do it together. 
    “Not only are you working toward healthier bodies, but also toward a healthier marriage.”
    ·         Pray for Your Spouse & Their Requests ~ 
    “At the end of the day, we need to make sure that we are not just praying about how to live, or reading about how to live, but that we are also practicing how to live.”

    Major Project 1
    Date Your Mate – Half & Half
    You both must plan half of the date. Be creative, pay attention, & maybe try something new. This is all about pleasing the love of your life.
    “The catch? Pick the place your mate would most enjoy. It’s your job to go more than halfway in serving your spouse on your special night out.”

    Bonus Project 1
    Sex – Circle it in Red on the Calendar
    Yes, just plan it & then look forward to it!

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