Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Marriage Project - Week 3 Projects

Read all about The Marriage Project and be sure to follow through with the Projects from Week 1 & Week 2.

The Marriage Project

Week 3 Projects:   
>·         Look To The Example of Others ~ Who Do You Admire & Why? Talk about who you look up to. Take some time to let them know that you admire them & why.
“If you want to have a great marriage, you need to learn from those around you who have been at it a while – and still love each other.”
>·         It’s All About Her ~ Couch Time. Wives, you get to pick the show to watch. Couch time represents comfortable love.
“Life is good when I can rest my head in my husband’s lap & feel secure in the knowledge that I am loved.”
>·         Removing Obstacles ~ Getting Rid of Something that Drives Your Spouse Crazy. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle & an extra act of kindness can mean so much.
“Women are waiting to hear “I love you” while men are waiting to be recognized for the fact that they’re saying “I love you” in the things they do.”
>·         It’s All About Him ~ Couch Time. Turnabout is fair play. And no multitasking allowed. Just give him the remote & snuggle up to him.
>·         All the Kids are Doing it ~ Text or email something sweet or flirty to your love.
“If you can’t be slightly scandalous with your spouse, then what is the fun of being married?”
>·         Clean Toilets are Sexy ~ Help out with chores & take over some job that they hate for the day. Quit keeping a scorecard about what’s fair & who owes who what.
>·         What I Like About You ~ Write down 10 things you like about your spouse & share it with them. This isn’t what you love about them. This is the little things they do, say, or how they act that just makes you smile.

Major Project 3
Date Your Mate – Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun.
Men, call up another husband & plan your double date with your wives. Really blow her away with your creativity.

Bonus Project 3
Sex – It’s Ladies Night
Ladies, it’s your turn to initiate things in the bedroom. Men, be extra flirty & helpful around the house this week.

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