Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Conservation & Missionaries

Reading history on a rainy afternoon makes me sleepy! Monday & Tuesday were both rainy - very rainy! So between the rain, the pent up energy, the sass, & that dreaded 1pm crash that I always seem to have - all I wanted was some peace & a nap. Did it happen? Yeah right! I sure tried, but everyone else had other ideas. Oh well.
The "Rock" Church

We went on the soil & water conservation field trip Wednesday. I was so thankful that it had finally stopped raining (we missed the last two years due to rain). The weather was perfect. The sun was out, a breeze was blowing, and fall was in the air. The kids got to see animal skins, learn about tree growth, & see the difference in soil layers. They even learned how to witch for water ;) & some secrets used "back in the day" for finding water. Oh, & we can't forget the corny ant jokes.....What's the largest insect? A Gi-Ant. Which is the best smelling insect? A Deoder-Ant.

Hey, did you know that the black bears we have on the coast of NC are some of the largest in North America? Me neither, um, so WHY do I want to move to the beach???

Keepers this week was very enlightening. We had missionaries from Africa speak to our group. Alan & Leah Fleming have been missionaries to Kenya for over 12 years. They shared their burdens, their stories, their pictures, & their hearts. 

There's nothing that will remind you of how truly blessed you are than hearing about children only eating 3-5 times a week, playing in sewer water, & still being content with the life God has given them. Simple things we take for granted such as running water & chairs are things that they know nothing about. 

fetching water
fast food
 My absolute favorite moment was Leah talking about being tired from a long day & not wanting to go to another church. While she was busy complaining & being unhappy, the native people of Kenya were sitting on rocks having worship service. Even though they didn't have the comforts that we have, they were happy & praising God for how much He had blessed them! Is it really that hard for us to praise Him for our many blessings?!
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