Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Marriage Project - Week 2 Projects

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The Marriage Project

Week 2 Projects:

] ·         A Little Hands-On Attention ~ Give each other a 15 minute massage without expecting anything in return. Concentrate on nonsexual massage – Bonus Project #2 cannot be initiated within 30 minutes of the project.
“Servanthood is not always easy or enjoyable. It isn’t always convenient; sometimes it’s downright messy. But God encourages us all to have a servant’s heart.”
>·         It’s All About Her ~ Love, Love, Love. Men, write down 12 things you love about your wife. And leave her a love note.
“As a wife, I need to hear regularly why my husband loves me. As a husband, you’re the only one who can give that gift to your wife. Be the encouragement she needs you to be today.”
>·         Bella Notte (Beautiful Night) ~ Have Dinner by Candlelight. Plan ahead so that you actually have candles, matches, etc.
“We need to unplug – literally & figuratively – every once in a while to keep the romance alive.”
>·         It’s All About Him ~ R E S P E C T – What It Means to Him. Wives, write down why you respect your husband & let him see the list.
“It’s not about respecting your husband only if you feel like it. It’s about acting respectfully around your husband, even when you don’t feel like it or think he deserves it.”
>·         Lingerie ~ Ladies, break out or go buy the good stuff! It doesn’t have to be completely over the top, but make an effort with something nice. Men, let her know that you are looking forward to the project. She has a lot going on & needs help righting the world first.
“Imagine, ladies, if you will, that in some strange set of circumstances your husband gained control over the world’s supply of chocolate. You are around it every day – smelling it, seeing it – and he never let you have any. This is how it is with your husband and lingerie.”
>·         Check Marks & Check Mates ~ Getting The Job Done. Help complete a project around the house together.
>·         Candlelight Weather Report ~ Light a candle, relax, reconnect, & review your day. Try to keep it kid free for a few minutes. 
      “If your lives are running in completely different directions, it’s time to carve out some couple time.”

Major Project 2
Date Your Mate – Do Something You Enjoyed Before You Got Married
When you were dating, you probably had a tendency to be extra excited about things the other one enjoyed. Incorporate music from when you were dating & do something that you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

Bonus Project 2
Sex – Have The Talk
Sometime during the week (outside of the bedroom) discuss what is working, what isn’t working, & maybe any new ideas.

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