Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ If Just One More Soul

I continue to be amazed by God's goodness, grace, love, & mercy.

God chose to allow us to travel DEEP into a valley in order to get us where we needed to be to trust Him fully. Through that, we were able to start our homeschool journey. I don't know that we would have stepped out on faith enough to travel that road any other way.

You have been faithful in keeping up with us through that journey. You have been supportive through the highs & lows. Some of you have laughed & cried right along with me as I shared the insanity of our daily life. Some of you know us almost better than we know ourselves.

Even if my post from yesterday took most of you by surprise, some of you weren't surprised at all when Austin returned to public school. I fully believe that God has a plan for EVERYTHING.

I told you last month about discovering God's need for Austin in middle school.

It didn't take me nearly as long to understand how God would use Makenzie to touch someone else's life.

I received a message this morning from someone I consider a friend even though we barely know each other. She saw my post about Makenzie returning to school & chose to read yesterday's post. She immediately felt led to contact me. She has been having problems with something that she loves but just doesn't seem to be working out. She was looking for a little advice.

The only thing I could really tell her was to seek God's will. She then asked how she would know God's will. The best way I can describe it is feeling peace even in all of the uncertainty. I felt the overwhelming desire to ask about her salvation.

THAT is SO NOT me. I can talk to people ALL day about my faith & just how big my God is, but I tend to get shy when it comes to down right asking people if they are saved.

She thought she was, but just didn't know anymore. God opened up Heaven & let the words flow for me to witness & explain salvation to her. I honestly cried just as much as I typed (YES, God CAN use Facebook!).

She said she wanted to KNOW for sure she was saved so she was going to pray! I promised her I would be praying too.

As I kneeled in my bedroom floor with tears flowing, I KNEW that I was reaching Heaven on behalf of my friend! I KNEW when that peace came over me that everything was alright! I KNEW then & there WHY & I thanked God for using Makenzie, for using me, & for allowing us to be apart of something so beautiful only God Himself truly understands it!

When I spoke with my friend later on, she was overjoyed with the assurance of knowing WHO held her future!

If for no other reason what so ever, it was worth my baby girl returning to public school so this one soul could be saved!!!

I can't help but be amazed at how BIG MY GOD IS!!!

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