Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Plexus Testimonials - Tara

Tara says

This is 6 months on the Plexus products. I have lost 32 lbs. and not sure inches as need to measure this week but as you can see a TON!!! I went from a starting size 24/26 (more 26) to a size 18/20 (more 18:) and wearing a 3XL top to a XL. 

I no longer suffer from migraines (9 yrs. of them) carpal tunnel (the past five years) and before Plexus I slept my days away. I would send my kiddos of to school be back to bed by 9 and up at 3 to get kids and back in bed by 9 I am proud to say I no longer nap when they are gone my chronic fatigue & depression is gone!!!!! I now spend my days with my family or working my Plexus business, yes I loved it so much I joined and am now helping others like you all too which I love. 

My hubby has also joined me and lost 36 lbs. from a 42 to a 38 and loves the energy he has and it helps with ADHD concentration and focus.

Let me tell you a few things I learned along the way that are going to help : 1) Be consistent take the products everyday, even when you can't see them working they are 2) Eat! if you don't your body goes into starvation mode & won't burn fat 3) Drink 1/2 your weight in water, even if you can't get all of it at least try 4) Measure, Measure & Measure again. On the months when the scale doesn't move the inches will. The scale cannot gauge your success don't rely on it. 5) Take before & after photos. Even if you don't want to share you will want them to compare and SEE the difference. 

Don't get me wrong it has not be easy by any means my weight has went up and down, stalled and up and down again but throughout it all I have felt AMAZING and still do so I have stuck with it. You have to commit to the change, want it bad enough and do a little work along the way to get there (or keep it going) but it will all be worth it in the end I am proof of that. Bought this dress today in the now photo for my trip to Florida next month courtesy of Plexus and I am now an Gold ambassador making an income equal to the nursing position I gave up seven months ago to continue to be a stay at home mom. Plexus has been an amazing blessing in every aspect of my life 

Are you ready to feel like a superhero too? Are you ready to start living again?

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