Friday, October 11, 2013

Plexus Testimonials - Heather

Here is a message I just wrote to another friend:
The reason I started taking Plexus was NOT to loose weight, but to balance my hormones. April Stewart Owens posted her testimony that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis at 16, but that after taking Plexus she had cancelled her 3rd endometrial surgery, and had discontinued all of her hormones, and that now her dr is recommending Plexus to his other patients!!! Eric read that and agreed that I MUST try this! I have been having menopausal symptoms since I was 25 or 26, and drs have not been able (nor very willing) to help me. I had recently found a dr. (after a decade of trying different drs!!!) that was willing to test my hormones - all the others had just patronizingly told me I was too young for hormone problems and threw anti-depressants at me!!! Anyway, this new dr tested my progesterone levels in sept and they were supposed to be 20, mine were .02 - and I had just stopped taking a progesterone cream from the health food store only 3wks prior to my blood test, and I had been taking that progesterone cream for 2 1/2 years! She recommended I go see a specialist to get on hormone therapy. I was scheduled to go in Jan. Eric and I thought it wouldn't hurt to give Plexus a shot, and if it didn't work I could just go to the specialist later this year.

The new dr also said my blood tests in Sept and Nov were showing elevated liver enzymes, and she was quite concerned. I haven't been back to get any testing re-done yet, but all of my symptoms I was experiencing are GONE! I can't wait to go get more blood tests to see how the numbers reflect how amazing I feel!

The first week in Jan I had a sleep study done that indicated I have sleep apnea, but Eric says that I don't exhibits any of the signs of it any more. And I haven't even had my follow up consultation with the sleep dr. yet!

So, yeah, loosing 20lbs was just the icing on the cake LOL!

As far as a special diet - nope, of course a healthy diet will help, but you will experience the benefits whether you make the changes or not. I have noticed that I just don't crave the foods I used to, and things are too sweet for me now. 1/2 a cookie is usually all the sweet I can eat now. Also my cravings for healthy foods have increased! I was shocked on Thursday that I actually craved a carrot for lunch lol. Previously I had craved sugar like CRAZY!!!

Here are the 3 products I recommend. They work together like a system.

Slim - glucose drink will feed the hypothalamus. Such a misnomer since my underweight son has gained on it! But again, I have lost.

BioCleanse - oxygenates the body which makes an unfriendly environment for pathogens who prefer an anaerobic environment. The first week I felt "lighter" because I was breathing on a cellular level in my body!

ProBio5 - not only a source of beneficial bacteria, but also kills candida overgrowth. This is crucial for your healing and works hand-in-hand with the BioCleanse

I didn't notice that I felt amazing until I completed my 1st month.

My goal is NOT to sell products, but to help get people thinking in a direction that will actually help them and bring healing! Honestly, my prayer is that the Lord will lead you to healing, no matter what direction!

As you can see, everyone's story with Plexus is different. WHAT IF Plexus could change your life??? Are you ready to let it try??

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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