Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Board with arc

I usually don't openly endorse products, but I AM IN LOVE with the arc from Staples!!! Nope, its not a boat! The arc is a notebook that you can completely customize. AND it can keep everything in ONE place! YEAH! Simplicity is a good thing!

 If you know me, you know that I am very dependent on my planner. It is my second brain. It has papers shoved everywhere & is a crazy mess.

The arc not only holds a monthly & daily calendar, but you can add all sorts of premade pages & even your own (WHO HOO!). So now I have my planner, menus, shopping list, & homeschool planner all in the same place!

Monthly/Weekly Calendar

Shopping List

Weekly Menu

Homeschool Planner

Can you tell I am excited?! Yes, I'm a dork!

Desktop Punch to add your own paper

This is certainly a work in progress, but eventually I plan on adding my prayer lists, the schedule that I am going to make for getting my family/home/etc in order (this will be blogged later when DeAnna gets me her books!) & who knows what else.

I already need the expansion rings!
Expansion Rings

Best of all, its 25% off this week!

Justin wants one now!
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