Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupid is NOT my Favorite Man in a Diaper

I admit it, I'm not your typical mushy gushy female. I don't have to have the romance, sappy cards, & red roses. I KNOW that my husband & my family love me. They don't have to buy me presents or pick a special day to tell me this.

I guess I'm a little bit cynical. I believe that Valentine's Day is a "holiday" that was invented by Hallmark & Hershey just to earn a few extra bucks.

That being said.... my Valentine's day started out ok, then took a nose dive, but was saved in the end. I took the kids out to eat at the Coffee House. My western omelet was yummy!

Then it was time for my monthly grocery trip. I HATE having to take the kids with me, they get bored, I get confused, & everyone ends up frustrated. Today was no different. I ended up leaving halfway through my list in a VERY bad mood.

As punishment for their crazy erratic behavior in the grocery store, we did not go to our Valentine's party. This punished me too! I was looking forward to it, but I have to stand my ground. Sometimes it stinks to be an adult...
When we came home, I slaved them out. They did all of their farm chores before lunch. While they were working, I was trying my best to think of an appropriate punishment. Aha - writing the Ten Commandments! Its tedious enough to be a "punishment", but its not pointless sentences.

So after chores & while I was fixing lunch, those little stinkers set up a scavenger hunt for me to find my homemade presents! Its hard to stay aggravated when they are so cute & loving! They still had to write the Ten Commandments. They weren't getting off the hook that easily.

So, after a haircut for me & Kenzie, & after Justin got home, I finally went back to the grocery store - BY MYSELF. Off course, I spent more money than what I should have because of getting so wound up & not being able to focus on my list.

When I got home, my WONDERFUL husband had cooked a dinner that would rival any fancy restaurant & my WONDERFUL (most of the time - LOL) children dressed up & waited on me. It was incredibly sweet!

This was actually the kids Valentine's
present, but I pretended it was mine!

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