Sunday, February 12, 2012

Treasure Box Moments

I guess these moments focus on Makenzie because Austin was nowhere to be found this week.

We decided not to have "structured" lessons this week. This gave Austin the opportunity to work/play with Daddy & Papa. It worked out great because they worked on Austin's very own chicken coop that he is buying with his very own money (thanks to a loan from Papa).

Makenzie - "Mom, do you know how to calm a really fussy baby?"
Me - "No, how?"
Makenzie - "You just play with him a few minutes & when he quits, you yell BOO!"

Makenzie - "We should have named Logan "Burby McBurbyson" because he burps a lot."
Me - "So is your name "Pooty McPootyson?"

Makenzie picked up the snot sucker & (very dramatically) squealed "EEEWWW snot!"
Me - "Oh like you never touch snot"
Makenzie - "No, I don't."
Me - "but you have picked your nose..."
Makenzie - "But that's my own snot."

Makenzie talking about Logan- "I just love my baby!"

Logan learned to clap this week!
One night, after I finished nursing him, he had a big grin on his face & clapped his hands! Just like he was saying, "Good job, Momma! I'm so proud of you!"
He also laughed & clapped when the kids sang Jesus Loves Me at church!
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