Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Will You Leave Behind

Everyone knows Elvis. He was probably the most influential musician ever, but don't the events surrounding his death overshadow his accomplishments?

When you hear the name Janet Jackson, do you automatically think of that infamous wardrobe malfunction?

Do you know who Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold were? Their parents believed all their short lives that they were precious children.

Wasn't Benedict Arnold a brave soldier?

Any idea who Norma McCorvey is? She is better known as Jane Roe. Even though she is pro-life & professes Christianity now, she will never live down the aftermath of Row v. Wade.

I am positive that all of these people & many more had good qualities & positive moments in their lives. BUT, do we remember any of that?

We can live most of our lives doing good deeds & changing the world for the better, but if we fall to one or two weak moments, most people will only remember the negativity. Many times, we will beat ourselves up for years, not being able to forgive ourselves.

I was reading my devotional the other morning & my heart broke. When I am dead & gone, how will people, especially my children, remember me? More importantly, how will God look at me when I meet Him face to face?!

One of my favorite gospel songs of all time is "Look What I've Traded for a Mansion". I used to sing it to the kids when they were babies. I just hope & pray that they can look back on the life that I lived & say that I loved Jesus!

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