Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will/Can this Cycle Ever Be Broken?

I was so beyond excited this year after I filed our taxes. We usually get back a decent refund because we always opt to allow the government to have a loan at our expense & having 3 kids doesn't hurt either ;) So this year was no different.

When I found out the amount, I immediately made BIG plans! Well, big to us anyway. We were going to get to PAY OFF 4 small bills! Anytime anything is paid off is cause for celebration. This in turn was going to free up a decent chunk of money each money that in turn was going to be paid onto this stupid bill that we have had since we got married! And after almost 13 years, that bill would be paid off by the end of the year! WOW!

You can see my cause of excitement, right?!

Not so fast darling........... That's what I get for making plans!

It seems that these small little inconvenient noises that my beloved PAID FOR Suburban has been making lately are going to cost more that its really worth to fix. UGH! Its fine for now, but who knows what will happen down the road.

Really, REALLY?!

We just freed up some money & now we are looking at having to go back into debt. I guess (thinking positive) its a good thing we paid those bills off. But this just makes me SICK!

For one, I am not ready to trade cars. I have liked vehicles before, but have never cared one way or the other about holding onto them. I actually really like my Suburban!

For two, I really want to do God's will concerning not just a new car but debt in general. This is not something I take lightly anymore.

Praying that God drops the right car in my lap!

Anyone want to buy a nice Suburban in need of a little TLC?

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