Saturday, February 25, 2012

Treasure Box Moments

Makenzie woke up & said, "Momma it looks gray outside. It looks like a page from a coloring book. Can we color it?"

Austin while looking out the window said, "Little elves have been here. Look at the little footprints. (I think it was the melting snow)

Justin hollered for Austin to bring him his deodorant (he was out & somehow, there wasn't any under the cabinet). Austin promptly walked into the bathroom with an opened cup of yogurt! I think its time to clean out his ears!

We were running late (imagine late) to the 4H Food Show when Makenzie said, "Its ok if we are late, but we shouldn't speed. If I speed, I might get upset. If I get upset, I might struggle, & that could cause a heart attack." I giggled & said, "yeah, struggling could cause a heart attack." She said, "well, isn't a struggle & a heart attack the same thing?"........................ "oh, you mean a STROKE." bwahahaha

Austin CHOSE not to do the Food Show this year. Instead, he CHOSE to go to the Cherry Grove Men's Conference! I realize that more than likely, he only wanted to go because his daddy wanted to go, but I'm thankful that he made that choice. I'm thankful that my kids have a Godly father to follow.

Logan has been super fussy. He still doesn't feel the greatest. His ears still hurt & those cute little bottom gums are almost sporting teeth. Because of all this, my precious boy has not been sleeping good at night. And the silly thing thinks he no longer needs a late afternoon nap - which makes for a super cranky baby. ....... A friend shed new light on the situation ~ Of course, he's tired, I just love to keep him up all night nursing. hahaha 

On a personal note....I lost 5 pounds last week! AND was able to put on a pair of jeans that I haven't had on in 2 years!
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