Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ I must have done something right

I know that I haven't posted "Tales of a Homeschool Nothing" in a while. I've combined everything lately. But this was specific.

Makenzie has been a little  s l o w  with picking up reading & phonics. Math seems to be her strength. She is doing 1st grade math already & has been for a while. YEAH.

So, she has slowly been getting a little better with sounding out words. The problem is that usually she just says some random word without giving it much thought.

She wanted me to read her a book tonight. She went and picked out Dog Diary. I honestly have NEVER seen this book before. Where in the world did she get it? I'm not sure, but I know it was a gift from God for just this moment!

In the Usborne First Readers, the parent reads one page & the child reads the other page. With the exception of "Jock", "quick", and a little help with sounds, she read  A L L  of her part!!!!! HALLELUJAH!

On another note, Austin is not struggling with math nearly as much as he was! You see, he is my reader (last year in 3rd grade, he was reading on a 7th grade level!) but doesn't care too much for math. He refuses to memorize his multiplication tables, which makes it take entirely too long. Ugh.

Funny thing though, he LIKES division! He even said it was fun. Strange boy.

I will take whatever small successes I can get & be thankful for them!
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