Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Fever

The bug has bit me! I am SOOOO ready for warmer weather! The past few days have been beautiful. I have raised the windows to let all that glorious fresh air inside. And, believe it or not, I have been in a cleaning mood. *gasp*

The kids certainly took advantage of the nice day. They have been making a river in our garden. Its a big muddy mess, but they are having fun.
Austin has been digging this hole & constantly making it deeper & wider. He sure is persistent - why can't he be like that for school work? Unfortunately, he is not very observant. But neither is Makenzie. She walked behind him just at the exact same moment that he was throwing dirt over his shoulder & WHACK. Instead of meeting air, the shovel met Makenzie's head.

She started wailing before he even realized what had happened. When he checked her head for bumps, he found blood instead.  (here's the funny part - if their can be a funny part) He tells her to RUN. So while she's running & crying, she kept saying  "WHY ARE WE RUNNING?"

Thank goodness I am not a "panicky" mom. (never have been) After seeing that this was not a life threatening ordeal, I actually made them go hose all the mud off & take a bath before the trip to the emergency room.
4 hours & 3 staples later, Makenzie was good as new & rewarded with stickers & a popsicle. 

......... Did I mention that she also stepped on a thumbtack?

Yeah, that was before 8am. Austin knocked over our calendar board & forgot to look for any missing tacks. (They knock it over all the time & the thumbtacks fall out all the time. ~ Needless to say, the calendar has now been stapled to the board!) Well, lucky Makenzie found the tack WITH HER FOOT!

After all the trauma/drama Austin wanted to "camp out" with Makenzie (AWWWWWW - isn't he sweet).

I really hope today is BOR-RING!

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