Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is It REALLY That Important

Yes, I know I've been complaining A LOT these past few days. More than my fair share. We all go through troublesome times. BUT you wanna know something, I am still BLESSED!

I still have a warm bed, a full belly, & the ability to get up every day. I have eyes able to see the clutter, a nose able to smell dirty laundry, ears able to hear the squabbles, a mouth able to kiss sleeping babies, & arms able to feel just how much I am loved!

I still serve a savior who can & has fought off Hell for me. A savior who forgives me when I mess up ... again! A savior who gives me far more than I deserve & more than I can ever repay. A savior who loves me even when I don't love myself.

So what if the floor is dirty?
So what if there aren't any clean socks?
So what if we didn't follow the lesson plans that I spent so much time working on?
So what if we order pizza yet again because I don't feel like cooking?

Are any of those things what really matter?

Or is this what I should be cherishing?
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